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The future of retail space

The future of retail space

Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is revolutionizing the retail experience for both customers and store owners. While many retailers have already integrated RFID in their price tags for supply chain optimization – including product tracking and inventory, our teams are using it to create a whole new shopping experience. Enter CatLook – a series of interactive digital displays and hidden scanners designed to enhance consumers’ in-store shopping experience while gathering real-time data for retailers.

Our research has shown that 25 to 30 percent of people are shopping online. The solution to keeping the brick and mortar experience fresh and driving traffic back in-store lies in creating an interactive, digital experience superior to the online experience. CatLook does just that with virtual fitting rooms, social media sharing and touchscreen browsing. 

On top of enhancing in-store customer experience, CatLook also solves several issues for retailers. A brand and its designers can now speak directly to consumers by teaching them to create a signature look, and calling out product attributes that could otherwise go unnoticed. CatLook is also an effective tool for intelligent product cross-selling and queue management.


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